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FROM A GIRL’S POV: Who Are You Calling a ‘Ho?


When the cheating scandal (cheating I say whilst rolling my eyes) broke, most of our initial anger was directed at Kristen. ‘How could she do this?’. Then when the dust settled our fury was redirected at that fuck. However the media has kept it’s focus on Kristen labelling her all the antiquated stereotypes of a woman in this situation.

But it’s not just the media is it? There are fans who were walking around like regular fans who have turned into crazed pontificating know-it-alls. People who point their finger at Kristen and her loose ways without I’m suspecting, ever have gone through a similar experience themselves. And sadly, a lot of these people are women, which leaves me asking the question, “where’s the chick solidarity?”.

Hadn’t Kristen said in one interview, that if any guy looked at a girl funny she would fuck them up (i’m paraphrasing)? Remember when Jay Leno commented to Kristen that SWATH was a good action movie and not a chick flick and Kristen replied “it’s totally a chick flick”? Do you guys remember that Kristen is always standing up for us the fans and girls/women in general?

Yet she makes one mistake (specifics aren’t for arguing here) and now many people including girls/women think they are justified with calling her a whore, tramp, bitch, slut and every other hateword women use to pull each other down and pit against each other.

Exactly what makes her a whore or tramp? As far as I know she’s kissed a married man, on one foolish occasion and then pretty much begged for forgiveness. She has since appeared to be torturing herself and was total despair with the thought of possibly losing the love of her life. She’s always remained protective and devoted to Rob and their relationship. So what exactly makes her a whore? Why is it that some women take delight in putting that label on her? Why do we allow men to call a fellow young woman a ‘tramp’?

Maybe because she has always refused to be boxed or labelled by the industry and media.

She’s pissed people off with her couture/sneaker way, her steely gaze, her refusal to see herself on magazine covers and peppy talk shows. Her refusal to PDA all over her boyfriend or talk about their perfect love in magazines. Or her boring non-sex tape, non-reality show demeanour.  A woman who stuck to her guns to remain true to herself and not some ideal of the hyper-sexualised, status obsessed young woman. An ideal constructed in part by men.

So when she fucked up, it gave everyone the ammo they needed to lump that error in judgement with every other thing that irritated them about her. Maybe if Kristen had a reality show or hung out at the promo tents at Coachella or tweeted photos of herself in a bikini or at BOA then they’d forgive her. People would just wrap her faults up in her celebrity but this girl refuses to play that game. Unfortunately for her she now has this battle to deal with.

As women, should we not stick together? Especially when you are supposed to be a fan? Do we even consider that by calling each other whores and sluts we are demeaning all of us as nothing but predatory, sexual deviates to honest men?

Why is that motherfucker not being called a well… a motherfucker? Where aren’t editorial blogs and reports focussing attention on this fuck (i will not repeat his name)? Well he is a nobody and who cares about him right? Well that seems to be the consensus of Hollywood. I guess that’s why he can walk around with his wedding ring on looking like the poster boy for Douchebag Republic. He was lead astray but the sexual energy of a beautiful young woman.

Fuck off. This is a 41 year old man. Do you know how old a 41 year old looks to a 22 year old? Like they’re 50 or 60 I bet. This 41 year old man, married for several years, father to 2 sweet looking children pursued Kristen (he called her) and kissed her. He could’ve stopped but he didn’t because he wanted her. He also abused his position of trust to fulfill his own desires. So if you want to call someone a whore or home wrecker… well…

We don’t even know the full story and that is the most frustrating part about the hate. We are so quick to judge when it doesn’t even directly affects us. I have had people say to me ‘cheating is cheating’, well okay fair enough but there are extenuating circumstances to most situations and there most likely are in this instance. I think it would be better to just offer support and compassion to a girl who made a terrible mistake. 

The only judgement Kristen has to be concerned about is Rob and their families. 

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